Weekly Schedule

On most days managing household tasks, work, Meredith's school and activities feels like a juggling act. I have certainly had my fair share of bloopers over the years, like showing up to swim lessons without a swimsuit...oops! As a result I have started to sit down every weekend on Sunday to plan the days ahead. The 15-30 minutes of calendar updating, list writing, and reminder creating prepares me for the week ahead.

I do a combination of paper planner and digital calendars.

For our family wall calendar and paper planner, I LOVE Erin Condren. I love the customizable options and accessories. You can check out all the cool stuff here: https://www.erincondren.com/

I also use and update my iCal. I would be lost without the frequent notifications popping up on my phone and watch every day!

I plan to share more details on scheduling in the future!